The Story

Guo Pei FW 2018/19 Couture CollectionFALL-WINTER 2018/19 COUTURE COLLECTION

Time flows unhurriedly, while architecture stands immutably.


  “Time and Space” have always been the two grand themes that artists devote themselves to express. Over the long course of history, architecture has been witnessing human civilization, traversing time and transforming space. It is through architecture that mankind has relentlessly applied technologies to surpass themselves, expressing their thoughts and imagination about space, thus attaining miraculous glories. It is precisely because of her reflections on architecture and comprehension of space that Guo Pei made “architecture” the theme for her new collection.

  Guo Pei’s FW 2018/19 Couture collection expresses architecture’s beauty of strength, beauty of structure, beauty of contour, and beauty of rationality and equilibrium through human silhouette. She attempts taking the aesthetics of architectural space and realizing them in the outlines and details of her designs, from which comes her concept that “Garments are moving creations of architecture,” initiating a dialogue between the human body and spatial dimension.

  Through this collection, Guo Pei expresses her reflections and sentiments on architecture. It reflects mankind’s understanding of society, their thinking concerning culture, a record of mankind's imagination and creation of space. It is the witness to human civilization becoming from nothing to everything. Like Couture, following society’s evolution and itself changes and depicts the face of the spirit of people from different eras. It is the most beautiful imprint of human development.

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