The story

Garden of The Soul

Inspiron :

Guo Pei was initially inspired by a famous Chinese saying, “There is a kingdom in a flower; a wisdom in a leaf.” “I always find the power of the nature fascinating, especially when the flowers are blossoming.”


Is there any interesting story happened during the collectiondesign?

One day morning, I saw a bunch of budding flowers at home with the morning dew, pink and charming, like the instant that a baby just opened his eyes. Suddenly, everything is enlightened. I thought to use gorgeous color to express the series of joy and pleasure, which can make people in a good mood and transfer happiness with color.


Point of view of Beauty? Who is the most beauty woman in her eyes?

In the career of design, Beauty has different feelings in different periods. I think beauty needs history and culture background, which will keep the beauty of the time and also reflect the history after a long time. Beauty is beyond the youth, beyond the age. It can overcome all the difficulties and is not afraid of the time. It is still full of hopes and courage, also sharp and elegant, so it can achieve the beauty of brilliant. Beauty derives from heart, if people see and feel the world wonderful, they will gain better things. The real beauty is inside. The Most beautiful women are those who have experienced hardship of time but can reveal the essence of time.

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